I am currently employed for Hawaii Life Real Estate as their lead developer and project manager, currently living in Longboat Key Florida. I have over 8 years experience working exclusively as a web developer. I specialize in content management systems and creating rich applications inside of them in medium to large multi-month projects.  I love solving problems and using technology to eliminate bottlenecks in business processes and task automation. I am also really good with concrete5.

I work in PHP - mySQL/SQL - Laravel - Concrete5 - Symfony - angular.js - React + Flux, gulp, express etc.

I often work in the capacity of lead developer working with other team-members around the world.. but I can handle any project start to finish in pretty much any role.

I'm great at diagnosing and fixing slow sites.

I also leverage the design skills of some of my colleagues so I can and do occasionally create new sites from scratch, but I am often brought in as the "brains" on existing projects, concrete5 or otherwise when an agency gets stuck or doesn't quite know how to implement something correctly.  I also have a network of designers and testers that I work with so I can easily put together a team to get your project done.

Please check out my portfolio page for a small sample of the projects I've been involved in. 

Here's some color :)